What are Sola Wood Flowers?

Sola Wood FloristrySola Flower Floristry prides itself in Eco Friendly Flower arrangement for all occasions. We use materials that are sustainable. Sola flowers are made from the thin wood shavings of tapioca plants; both the inner white part and also with the darker skin/bark. They are also referred to as shola flowers, balsa flowers, tapioca flowers, or just plain wood flowers. They are made by hand, no two are EVER alike, and small “imperfections” are normal. These imperfections resemble bits of bark or occasionally small hole or tears. Some are similar to an organic flower with imperfections such as a bug hole or tiny tear in a petal. They will vary in shape and size due to being individually handmade.

Sola Flowers can be Custom Dyed to match any color you need.

Beautiful creations can be designed for Home Décor, Corporate Decorations, Gifts, Weddings, Holidays, and any Occasion you would send flowers for. These are unique, creative and will leave a lasting impression. They will last forever.

We have 25 years of wedding experience and love making beautiful bouquet and decoration for weddings. Using the sola flowers you can customize any color theme with our custom dying service. The best part is you will have the perfect keepsake after your event.

Wedding bouquets, Bridesmaids Flowers, Flower girl, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Table Arrangements, and more are all possibilities.